our service base

Whatever the assignment, our employees must be equipped and trained. In Ritterhude we have found a suitable place to stay!

how we work

Our project management and warehouse are located in Ritterhude. This is where employees, PPE, materials, tools, service vehicles and platforms meet and rearrange themselves for every application. Employees receive their new deployment plans, are briefed on the activities to be performed and safety regulations, and are equipped with PPE and materials. The short distances simplify the exchange among each other - be it because of weather-related delays or because reports of experience are exchanges among colleagues.

Our project managers plan the assignments. You indicate the number of employees in advance and order tools and materials. Meanwhile, our warehouse employees assemble the PPE and the material. All employees meet in Ritterhude before the operation. Here they receive their protective equipment and are informed about the upcoming task in the training room.

address and opening hours

Böcklerallee 3
27721 Ritterhude

Monday to Friday
8:00 to 20:00
or as required